Where To Go On Your Winter Sports Holiday?

The choice of destinations is amazing. With ski resorts everywhere from Austria to the USA to New Zealand, and with each country and resort offering a different experience, deciding on the destination right for you is important.

For most of our members, the main benefit of the JPT Snow Club is deciding where to go!

What Type Of Accommodation Suits You?

Just like resorts, there are also choices with your accommodation. Which would you prefer?

  • Hotel
  • Chalet with house-keeping
  • Self-catered apartment

Again, our travel consultants can guide you through your options and help you choose the best type of accommodation for your winter sports holiday.

Should You Fly or Self-Drive?

The decision to fly or drive often comes down to your choice of destination. If you’re travelling to Canada, the States or Japan, driving is out of the question. But if you’re going to spend your winter sports holiday in Europe, driving to your resort can be a really enjoyable experience.

When Is A Good Time To Go Skiing Or Snowboarding?

This depends on your destination. Obviously the perfect snow conditions happen at different times in the year for different parts of the world.

Our travel consultants have a great deal of experience with winter resorts in every corner of the globe, so can tell you first hand when the best time to visit is.

Do You Choose Skiing Or Snowboarding?

Skiing is still the most popular option amongst our JPT Snow Club members. But we’re seeing more and more people make the switch to snowboarding. If you’re an experienced skier, looking for a way to make this year’s trip different, you should give snow-boarding a try.

Answer More Of Your Questions About Winter Sports Holidays

If you’re thinking about planning your first skiing or snow-boarding trip, you might be thinking, “wow, that’s a lot of questions”.

And you’d be right, but you don’t need to worry. Being a member of the JPT Snow Club, gives you one-on-one access to an experienced travel consultant who can guide you through all your questions and all the options.

For the experienced winter sports enthusiast, there are still lots of questions: Where’s the best snow? What resorts have the best deals? What events are happening?

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