Winter Sports Holidays Planned By Winter Sports Experts

Skiing, snowboarding, and winter sports holidays are a favourite amongst our travel consultants.

Of the hundreds of customers we help to plan a winter sports holiday every year, without exception, all of them are filled with an unrivalled enthusiasm. Skiers and Snowboarders alike have a passion for their sport like no other people we meet!

And their enthusiasm is contagious.

JPT Snow

The JPT Snow Club is designed to bring this group of winter sports enthusiasts together with our team of winter sports expert travel consultants.

Being a member of the Snowscene club gives you unrestricted access to travel offers and inside travel knowledge on destinations, new resorts and events.

Whether you are an experienced skier, a snowboarder or whether it’s just the apres ski that interests you, our Snowscene travel consultants can help you decide on the right holiday for you.

The questions you’ll find yourself asking when planning your snow boarding or ski holiday are:

  • Where To Go On Your Winter Sports Holiday?
  • What Type Of Accommodation Suits You?
  • Should You Fly or Self-Drive?
  • When Is A Good Time To Go Skiing Or Snowboarding?
  • Do You Choose Skiing Or Snowboarding?

For a list of answers, you can visit our Snow FAQ page

Join Now: It’s Free.

The JPT Snow Club is free to join. There’s no complicated sign-up process or long-term obligations either.

All you need to do to is contact us at