Weddings Abroad: Questions and Answers.

Q: Where to go?
A: The list of places to get married abroad is almost endless. There are magical wedding venues everywhere from Antigua to Zanzibar. The range of destinations is simply huge.

But to whet your appetite, have you thought about getting married in the Caribbean, or the USA, or the Seychelles, or Mauritius, South Africa or Bali?

If you’re looking to get married abroad and were thinking of staying a little closer to home, there are lots of very impressive wedding venues in Europe: Italy, Cyprus, Greece and Malta are all European destinations where our customers have had amazing weddings.

It is even possible to get married on-board many of the world’s leading cruise lines.

So just from this answer alone, you can see there are lots and lots of options when choosing your overseas weddings venue. If we can offer you any advice it would be to speak to a travel consultant who has plenty of experience with weddings abroad. You can decide exactly what you want and relax while they can compile a list of possible venues.

Q: When to go?
A: From our experience of booking overseas weddings/honeymoons, most people prefer to go to hot and sunny climes. Because, let’s face it, everyone wants a beautifully sunny day for their wedding photos.

Tour operators that specialise in weddings abroad will be well aware of where you’ll find the best weather at the time of year you’re planning on getting married.

Q: Is it complicated to arrange an overseas wedding?
A: Getting married abroad is probably as complicated as getting married at home. But it’s just a different set of complications! Some of the things you should start to think about are:

  • Is the marriage legally recognised in the UK?
  • Can we invite guests to the wedding?
  • Which day of the week can we get married on?
  • How do we transport our wedding outfits on the flight?
  • Who will conduct the ceremony?

None of these questions should cause you to panic. With the guidance of an experienced travel consultant, it’s a pretty straightforward process.

Q: What are the documentation requirements when getting married overseas?
A: Documentation varies depending on where you’re getting married. Each country has its own document requirements. Your travel consultant will be able to advise on the documentation required for your wedding destination.

In summary, just like getting married in the UK, getting married abroad is most enjoyable when planned well and designed to fit your exact requirements.

And often to make your overseas wedding as enjoyable as possible, the planning and preparation is best left to an experienced professional. Benefiting from 60 years experience in the travel industry and a proven track record of organising overseas weddings, John Proctor Travel is perfectly placed to help and guide you right through the process, from selecting your venue to making sure everything goes to plan after to you arrive at your destination.

Honeymoons Abroad:The Ideal Companion To The Overseas Wedding

After creating some of the best memories you’ll ever have during your overseas wedding, you’ll want add to the experience with an amazing honeymoon abroad.

So what makes for the perfect honeymoon? Not surprisingly, the magic ingredients are different for almost every couple we talk to.

For some it’s the thought of a superb 5 star hotel in an idyllic setting, perhaps in a lavish hotel suite with breath-taking views. Tour operators specialising in honeymoons can even arrange for a butler or cook at some destinations.

For others, it’s the little extras that make the difference: Flowers, champagne, fruit in your room on arrival, luxury transfers to your hotel, or something a little extra special like a helicopter ride from Nice to St Tropez or a flight over New York or Niagara Falls.

And for some, the difference is made by something out of the ordinary, like staying in an elegant stately home in Tanzania, with a trip to the exquisite and exclusive Serengeti Bushtops, from where you can go on safari.

You’ll quickly be coming to the realisation, the only limits are your imagination. So, whether you would like to explore your ideas, or are in need of some inspiration, John Proctor Travel’s experienced consultants can help you plan a memorable honeymoon to compliment your wedding abroad.

How Much Does A Getting Married and Having A Honeymoon Abroad Cost?

The cost of an overseas wedding can vary significantly depending on an almost endless list of factors. But regardless of your budget, the sheer range of options means there are always plenty of wedding venues to choose from.

To help you pay for your overseas wedding, John Proctor Travel offer a scheme where you can ask your wedding guests to contribute to the cost of your wedding abroad through their wedding gifts. Our staff will take care of the all setup and paperwork, too. Importantly ­, which ensures complete financial security for any payments made to us.

How Do You Start Planning Your Overseas Wedding?

Starting the process is very simple: All you need to do is talk with one of our travel consultants. It’s better to do this in person, so come and visit us in our offices in Brighton. We promise we’ll do all we can to help you make your special day, extra special.