We’re going to completely change your world

You’ll already know we pride ourselves on the best-in-class service we offer every single one of our customers.

But we’re changing that.

We don’t just want you to leave our travel agents feeling happy. We want you to leave completely blown away: more inspirational holiday ideas, more first-hand advice from talented travel consultants, better deals, more holiday destinations.

In short, we’re going to completely change your world.

We're going to change your world

More amazing cruises

Cruising is more than just a holiday. Anyone who’s been on a cruising holiday, will tell you; there’s a lot to think about and consider when putting together the perfect cruise.

To make sure you get the most out of your cruise, it’s wise to book it with a travel agent who has lots of experience and is passionate about cruises.

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Winter holidays with more wow

Skiing, snowboarding, and winter sports holidays are a favourite amongst our travel consultants.

Of the hundreds of customers we help to plan a winter sports holiday every year, without exception, all of them are filled with an unrivalled enthusiasm. Skiers and Snowboarders alike have a passion for their sport like no other people we meet!

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More romantic honeymoons

Imagine, watching the crystal clear ocean lap the pure white sand as you sip ice-cold champagne. The condensation sparkles on your glass as you look longingly at your partner; the warm breeze wrapping you both in the sounds of friends and family.

Your smiles say it all. Getting married abroad is a way to make your special day, even more memorable.

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Group travel with better adventures

Do you need help with arranging Group Travel and wish to benefit from special fares for parties travelling by air, rail as well as discounted hotel room rates?

John Proctor Travel employs group ticketing specialists to manage the administration of your group travel arrangements and take the pressure off you as group organiser.

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