What Makes JPT Business Different?

Your business travel requirements could not be in safer hands. For over 60 years, JPT has worked with corporate travel customers, offering a quality of service that is renowned in the Brighton business community and beyond.

Arranging your business travel with JPT means you receive professional, unbiased advice and travel options tailored to you and your individual requirements. We like saying ‘yes’, so a travel itinerary designed specifically to meet your needs can be put together from a comprehensive portfolio of travel options.

Here are some of the reasons why you, like our other business travel customers, will prefer the JPT service:

  • As an independent travel agent, JPT aim to establish an ongoing partnership with you and your business, providing the level of service that comes with an ongoing commitment.
  • You will enjoy access to the most competitive prices. As a member of the Advantage Focus Group, JPT are in the top three buyers of travel in the UK. This means great fares and rates for your business.
  • You can be guaranteed short lines of communication. We are not a call centre. Our travel consultants are empowered decision makers, allowing us to build personal relationships with clients, and reinforce the trust in our partnership with you.
  • The level of service you receive won’t slip. JPT boasts a team of high calibre travel consultants, with an average of 15 years experience in the travel industry.
  • JPT has the financial security and longevity in a competitive industry to inspire confidence.

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