5 Reasons Why You Need To Work With A Corporate Travel Management Company

#1 Protect your company with a business travel policy.

Did you know, legally, all companies and organisations have a duty of care towards their employees whilst travelling on behalf of the company/organisation?

Co-ordinating your corporate travel arrangements through John Proctor Travel can help ensure you and your company meet corporate manslaughter legal requirements.

John Proctor Travel can also help you monitor and review your travel policy. For example, ensuring only senior executives book business class flights.

If, for any reason, your business does not have a travel policy, we can help you write one.

#2 Better pricing on fares.

Not matter how tempting it is to arrange your business travel over the internet, it can provide a false economy – especially when dealing with a complicated travel itinerary.

Booking it yourself on the internet can be both time consuming and frustrating.

Working with John Proctor Travel, gives you full access to range of options with many different airlines, all at the same time. One search, one set of results: much easier than trawling hundreds of comparison sites and trying to remember your password for each one.

And JPT have access to prices not available to the general public, which can mean up to a 50% reduction on published airfares

You can also make additional savings because our experience with pricing and booking systems allows us to help you spot opportunities to save money when booking.

#3 Credit Facilities And Reports

You can take advantage of credit facilities to make financing your business travel easier.

You can also request management reports, for example detailing carbon footprint calculations and potential fare savings.

John Proctor Travel’s accounting systems and processes are completely transparent, and our invoicing details every part of our service to you, so you can feel comfortable knowing you’re not paying for any hidden charges.

#4 Overcoming and dealing with travel problems

It’s a fact of life, sometimes even the best laid travel plans can go wrong. If you’ve booked your travel with a faceless website and your flight gets cancelled due to a volcanic ash cloud, or a cabin crew strike delays your journey, you’ll quickly discover, there’s just no one to help you fix things.

Booking your travel with John Proctor Travel is different. Your travel consultant is available to help you when things don’t go as planned:

  • 24 hour, 7 day a week service
  • You only need call one person to make itinerary changes and arrange refunds
  • Your questions answered by a real person, who will work hard to overcome any problems

#5 A complete professional service

John Proctor Travel allows you to book your business travel and record and benefit from any loyalty programmes, like frequent flyer miles, your business has negotiated with any preferred airlines or hotels.