Flight Delay – potential compensation costs to airlines could run into millions!!

Industry experts predict that compensation claims by passengers for flight delays could run into millions of pounds. Last years ruling by the Supreme Court that airlines had to make payouts for delays of 3 hours plus, when aircraft suffer technical problems, is likely to result in many airlines setting aside several  millions of pounds for compensation claims.

Industry experts predict that air fares could rise by as much as £4 to cover these costs.

JPT says

There is no doubt that delays in flight departures are an extremely frustrating part of any journey.

However aircraft are mechanical and as anyone who owns a car knows, mechanical problems can occur in the very best maintained cars- aircraft are not very different. So……….any additional costs incurred by the airline will have to be met by one of two ways- either a reduction in operating profits, or an increase in fares- watch this space!

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