Weddings and Honeymoon Hot Spots

A recent report  showed that trends in wedding destinations have changed significantly over the last five years when Italy, Australia, Fiji and Bali all featured in the top 10 favourite destinations. None of these have made it in 2015 although beach destinations are still the preferred choice. Kuoni said that Mauritius ranked top, followed by Sri Lanka, St Lucia, the US and Barbados, with Mexico coming in as a new entry at number 7.

Meanwhile the money spent on honeymoons is also on the rise. The average spend on a honeymoon with Kuoni is now at an all-time high according to the report, with £5,743 spent on average per booking – up from £4,548 five years ago. The Maldives continue to rank as the number one destination a slot it has held since 1999.Next on the popularity league is the UAE followed by Sri Lanka, Thailand, Mauritius, Indonesia, The US and Singapore.

So the overseas wedding and honeymoon business is both thriving and growing. If you are thinking about an overseas wedding you need to be aware that different countries have  different legal requirements and that it is essential that these are adhered to. At JPT we have been arranging weddings and honeymoons for our clients for many years. Advice is unbiased and free- so get the best tips, advice and information by contacting our staff.

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