Egypt- back in favour

Egyptian tourist arrivals from the UK are on the increase following a dip in numbers earlier this year. Many hotels are offering excellent value for money prices to encourage bookings and it is now expected that over 1 million arrivals are expected from the UK in 2014.


JPT says:

Egypt has long been a favourite with visitors from the U K. Whether taking a Nile Cruise, a visit to the Pyramids, or a relaxing holiday at the Red Sea beach resort of Sharm El Sheik, Egypt as always has much to offer.

However due to recent turmoil during the ‘Arab uprising,’ tourism experienced a downturn in visitors which saw many hotels suffering with low booking numbers.

Now that the political situation has settled down confidence has returned and UK visitors are returning to these excellent tourist spots.

Call us for details and prices of a great range of holidays to this fascinating destination at value for money prices.

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