Internet Holiday Fraud and how to avoid it!

Thousands of pounds have been lost and many planned holidays have been ruined due to holiday fraud scams on the internet.

What is Holiday Fraud? -Holiday Fraud is when consumers hand over money only to discover the holiday accommodation or flight that they have paid for doesn’t exist, leaving them without a holiday, stranded , thousands of pounds out of pocket and very distressed.

The Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA), the National Fraud Intelligence Bureau and other anti- fraud organisations are working very hard to raise awareness of this scam and stop others becoming victims of scam sites.


JPT’s top tips to avoid being scammed

1)      Do thorough research before parting with your money- or better still trust JPT to do this for you!

2)      Why book elsewhere? We have been trading for over 60 years and know the holiday industry inside out. We only work with reliable and reputable suppliers, all of which have a proven record of reliability and quality.

3)      Check for ABTA and accreditation before booking. These two organisations have strict rules and apply rigid financial criteria before granting accreditation.

4)      Whilst like other industries there are’ bargains’ from time to time, if an offer sounds ‘too good to be true’ it may well be precisely that!

5)      Use a credit card for payment , this will generally give you financial protection ( criteria will apply)

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