Potential reduction in Ski chalet holiday choice is on the cards

Several ski tour operators have announced plans to withdraw from offering chalet accommodation in Switzerland following an about-turn in the country’s employment rules.

New Swiss legislation demands that employees are paid a minimum of about £2,200 a month, as opposed to the traditionally lower wages, but full-board accommodation and discounted travel perks ski staff have previously enjoyed.

Many of the chalet staff are UK nationals and have previously been paid wages in line with UK law and minimum wage rules. However the new Swiss law means that even though resort staff would still be UK nationals, paid and taxed in the UK, they must now be paid at a level in pounds equal to the Swiss minimum wage , which is the highest anywhere in Europe and worsened by the strong Swiss franc.

One tour operator said that the change would have meant a £350 per room rise in average prices for Swiss chalets.

JPT says!

Whilst ski holidays to Switzerland have never been exceptionally ‘cheap, ’they remain a popular accommodation choice for many. There is no doubt that the impact of these changes to salaries will effectively reduce the number of chalet holidays available through UK winter sports tour operators.

So if a winter sports holiday with chalet accommodation is for you then, our advice has to be to book early as choices of accommodation are likely to be more limited than in previous years.

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