New Disneyland Paris Attraction opens

Disneyland Paris has unveiled a new mini land based on the Oscar-winning film Ratatouille which tells the story of Remy the little rat chef in Paris.

La Place de Remy opened on July 10 In Walt Disney Studios Park. The new attraction is a state-of-the –art 4D ride that shrinks riders down to rat size while they board ratmobiles. The vehicles then ‘scurry’ through chef Gusteau’s famous kitchen and restaurant in Paris. The ride features a few extra surprises such as smells from the kitchen and popping champagne bottle!

However what makes this ride stand out is that every journey is different to the last, as there are 70 sequences.


JPT says!

Since opening in April 1992 the numbers of visitors to Disneyland Paris has grown to a staggering 14.9 million in 2013, making it the most visited attraction in Europe.

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