Keeping your kids happy when flying!

A recent survey found that nearly 75% of parents admitted that flying with young children made them think twice about going.

So here are a few tips from some major airlines that might (hopefully!) take away some of those pre- flight worries.

Some children feel the cold more than others so ensure that you have extra socks or pashmina to wrap them up in

Sensitive ears due to the change in air pressure on take-off and landing may cause pain, giving children a boiled sweet can help alleviate this.

Remember to take some favourite (but easily transportable!) toys for the journey- however no toys such as those resembling guns, swords or toy bombs are allowed on board. You might also want to download some of your kid’s favourite movies and TV programmes on to an IPad or laptop to keep them entertained.

Flying from Heathrow?

If so the reserve and collect service at this airport allows you to pre-order any important baby supplies before you travel. This ensures that they’re in stock and that you don’t have to search the breadth of the airport to find what you are after when you are in the departure lounge.


JPT says!

Whilst parents may understandably have some concerns about the possible endurance test ( !) of air travel with children, there is no doubt that a little planning can help enormously- try some of the tips listed above and you should have few problems. Believe us, the holiday will be well worth a few hours of keeping the kids amused and occupied.

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