Hassle Free holidays!

A recent report by the Travel Foundation showed that a few countries where local peddlers hassled holidaymakers, thereby making their holiday experience less enjoyable.

Many Tourist Boards are taking steps to make locals aware of the negative impact this is having and are going to great lengths to improve things wherever this is seen as a problem area.

 Some tips to help you !

  • Walk with purpose – hesitation leads to approachability!
  • Respect local dress codes
  • Leave your valuables at home or in the hotel
  • Don’t accept ‘gifts’ from strangers – usually they will expect something in return!
  • Never say ‘maybe later or tomorrow’ as a shopkeeper or guide will consider this a promise.

Generally- Many holiday destinations by their very nature, give an opportunity for local people to sell their wares to a new market i.e. holidaymakers. Be sensible, take reasonable care and try to enjoy the experience- who knows you may even end up buying something!



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