Thomas Cook Holidays announce ‘imminent’ deal with Easyjet

Thomas Cook have announced an imminent agreement to buy tens of thousands of seats from Easyjet to support their tour operation programme. The move follows the sale of several Thomas Cook owned aeroplanes earlier this year. This will be the first time that Easyjet has sold seats en masse to a tour operator and 80,000 seats is a widely quoted figure.

The John Proctor Travel view

Following some recent troubled financial times at Thomas Cook, the group decided to reduce their cost base by disposing of some assets including some aircraft, Spanish hotels and a financial services division in India. The new Chief Executive at Thomas Cook (Harriet Green) is keen to move the organisation forward and the Easyjet agreement will be viewed as a means of obtaining guaranteed aircraft seats without the need for tying up their own aeroplanes and the associated cost risk that would go with this. In what are still difficult economic times there would seem to be merit in the proposal.

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