Expansion of Heathrow or a new airport? Independent commission to report

Following recent calls for more airport capacity in the south east the government has announced an independent review of hub-capacity in the U K to deflect growing pressure for a government decision to expand Heathrow, or build a new airport.

The government has pledged to ban runway construction at Heathrow, Gatwick or Stansted for the duration of the coalition.

The move would take the issue out of politicians’ hands and might free David Cameron to drop Conservative party opposition to a Heathrow third runway in time for the next general election.

The John Proctor Travel view

It has been obvious to those within the travel industry (and many air travellers!)
that capacity at our major airports and particularly Heathrow, has been stretched for some while. A need for increased capacity was emphasised by the UK’s National Air Traffic Service, which revealed more than half the aircraft flying into Heathrow are required to stack overhead for 20 minutes waiting to land, even in normal conditions.

The major difficulty of course is the understandable ‘NIMBY’ reaction- and it is of entirely possible that the transfer of the previous transport secretary, Justine Greening (who has a constituency in the Heathrow flightpath!) may have made things easier for a potential third runway at Heathrow to be given the go ahead.
We look forward to the report findings and perhaps finally, some decisions that may take this contentious subject forward

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