Green Travel

According to a recent report British Travellers are some of the least willing in the world to pay more for a ‘responsible’ holiday. Research suggests that only 26% of Brits are willing to pay more for ‘an authentic experience with environmentally friendly travel’.

Research showed that almost double the proportion of Mexican travellers will pay more for what is considered a responsible holiday.

The research showed that whilst there was growing consumer demand for ‘richer experiences’ the majority of holidaymakers are unlikely to want to pay more for it.

The John Proctor Travel view

The report perhaps highlights the difficulties facing those wrestling with the dichotomy of ethics versus cost. There is no doubt that during recent years public awareness of the issues surrounding green tourism have increased significantly through media coverage.

However our staff are still seeing the publics priorities when booking their holidays, as being, destination, price and suitability- indeed it is very rare for our leisure clients to question things such as carbon footprint emissions for specific journeys.

Conversely there is no doubt that corporate travel is much more ‘green focused’ and many of our corporate clients are now requiring carbon reports as part of our service provision.

Perhaps once the current economic woes have eased, holidaymakers will once again start paying more attention to environmental issues when making their holiday choices.

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