Advice From ABTA For People Travelling To Greece

The economic troubles in Greece are well publicised. And if you’re travelling to Greece for your holidays this year, you might be wondering what the implications of Greece leaving the Euro are.

ABTA has put together the following words of advice for people travelling to Greece:

“No one knows exactly what would happen if, and that still is an if, Greece left the Euro, however it is likely there would be a transition period when holidaymakers would still be able to pay with Euros in bars and restaurants. Speculation that Greek-printed Euros would overnight become worthless is also unfounded. The British Bankers Association has said that a Euro is a Euro regardless of where it is printed. What we are recommending is that consumers do not rely on plastic and take plenty of cash with them as it is possible that an exit from the Euro could result in issues with using credit and debit cards at Greek banks. There is also no indication that holidaymakers will be affected by civil unrest. To date, demonstrations that we have seen on TV have been sporadic and limited to parts of central Athens and the second largest city Thessaloniki, neither of which are visited in significant numbers by UK holidaymakers. The vast majority of UK holidaymakers fly directly into and holiday on the Greek islands which have not seen any unrest. I’m absolutely sure that this year, as ever, people travelling to Greece will be welcomed by the Greeks and their well known hospitality.”

If you have any specific questions, please feel free to get in touch with one of our experienced travel consultants.

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