UK Border Controls Continue To Experience Delays

Once again the U K Border Agency faced criticism following long delays at both Heathrow and Stansted Airports in the last few days.

Non- EU passengers waited for up to 90 minutes recently, with the government blaming “severe weather” as being a major contributory factor in the delays and Prime Minister David Cameron reportedly backing a plan to make airlines share the cost of cutting queues.

A British Airways spokesman said: “U K passengers already pay the highest flight taxes in the world and airlines at Heathrow already pay charges that have increase about 50% over the last five years”.

Currently non-E U passengers should have to wait no longer than 45 minutes and E U passport holders more than 25 minutes.

The John Proctor Travel view

With two major events due in this country in the near future (The Queens Diamond Jubilee and the Olympic/Para Olympics) it is imperative that the first impression of visitors to the U K is not absolute chaos at immigration control at U K airports. There are currently suggestions circulating that employees of the U K Border Force may see these occasions as ideal opportunities to press their claims for additional demands from the government.

Let us hope that contingency plans are established to deal with any bottlenecks.

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