Holiday Financial Protection Remains A Mystery To The Public

A recent survey has shown UK consumers rate financial protection of holidays as extremely important but don’t understand it.

96% of those surveyed considered protecting their money as ‘extremely important’ or ‘very important’ when booking an overseas holiday.

Just over half said they considered whether they were protected against a travel company failure when they last booked a holiday.

When the researchers asked consumers how a booking was protected, 70% said by travel insurance, 64% said by credit card, 56% said by ABTA and only 42% said by .

Basic travel insurance typically covers loss of luggage or the cost of medical treatment abroad and more rarely extends to supplier failure. Paying by credit cards offers protection on purchases above £100.

A CAA spokesman said “ This highlights the purpose of reform, we will do our best to raise awareness with the travelling public of all the changes that are due to take place from April.

The John Proctor Travel View

For many years travel failure protection has been a cloudy issue for the consumer.

reforms are set to come into play in the travel industry this year, however there are still some areas that, in our opinion, require clarification.

We are always happy to discuss this subject with any of our clients and will advise them of the financial protection security that may apply to their booking.

Certain aspects of travel are still not covered and will not be covered even when the new reforms are in place- so please ask our team about any aspect of financial security that may concern you.

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