How are Travel Agents Affected by the Mary Portas Report?

The independent travel agent. It’s been part of the high street since the beginning of, well, high streets. So when the retail guru Mary Portas delivered her report to the government about the future of high streets in the UK, we sat up and took notice. After all, we pride ourselves on being a travel agent in one of Brighton’s bustling high streets.

But we’re not alone. All over the country the managers and owners of travel agencies are looking at the possible implications of the report’s findings for their travel agencies.

The report listed 28 recommendations and included many topical items like free controlled parking schemes, reduced business rates, and encouraging landlords to reduce rents.

The John Proctor Travel View

A team of our travel consultants went to the last year’s Advantage Travel Conference, and without exception, all were impressed with Mary Portas’ keynote speech. Her views on the changing face of the retail sector were very similar to our views on how the travel industry is also changing.

Like Mary, we believe (travel) customers are seeking more from their high street shopping experience, and many different elements, such as socio-environmental factors, will impact any prospective purchase.

Having been based a traditional high street travel agent for over 25 years, we’ve seen many changes in both shopping patterns and buying trends. And we are not immune to outside elements, our mission has always been to offer an impeccable level of customer service to both business travel and leisure travel customers alike.

We believe the high street will survive for as long as we, and other-like minded retailers, keep this mission at the centre of everything we do whilst continually adapting to the needs of our customers.

That being said, anything that can be done to ease the current financial difficulties experienced by both customers and retailers should be welcomed and all the suggestions from Mary’s report should be considered.

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