Olympic Summer 2012


In preparation for the London Olympics 2012 we would recommend all travellers to start planning for it and talk to clients and associates to discuss whether travel is essential between July and September 2012 and, if so, to make any arrangements well in advance.

Key Dates  

Olympic Games: 17 days, from 27th July to 12th August  

Opening Ceremony: Friday 27th July

Closing Ceremony: Sunday 12th August  

Paralympic Games: 12 days, from 29th August to 9th September  

Opening Ceremony: Wednesday 29th August

Closing Ceremony: Sunday 9h September    

Key Facts  

Airlines expect unprecedented demand for flights to and from all London airports between July and September 2012.   Hotel availability in London in particular will be under severe strain:  

Total hotel rooms a night in London: 120,000

Allocated to Olympics Commitee:       52,000

Allocated to Olympics Visitors:            50,000

Available to general public:                  18,000 (only 15% of usual availability)  

Demand for services on National Rail, London Underground, London Buses and the Docklands Light Railway are all expected to exceed capacity at peak times during the Games.    

Key Points  

• It will be big

• It will have an effect pre and post Games

• It is on top of an already busy schedule in London/South East

• Expect a large increase in volume of people and traffic

• Expect heightened security throughout London

• Expect queues at airport border controls

• Preferred hotel rates may not be available

• Remember it is not just London   

A Busy Summer 2012

1 – 2 June:                                   EPSOM DERBY

2 – 5 June:                                  QUEEN ELIZABETH DIAMOND JUBILEE

21 June – 9 September:     LONDON 2012 FESTIVAL

23 June – 8 July:                    WORLD PRIDE FESTIVAL

25 June – 8 July:                     WIMBLEDON

26 June – 12 September:    OLYMPIC VILLAGE OPEN

26 June – 12 September:    OLYMPIC MEDIA CENTRE OPEN

27 June – 1 July:                       HENLEY REGATTA

9 – 15 July:                                    FARNBOROUGH AIRSHOW

20 July – 18 August:              RAMADAM

27 July – 12 August:              OLYMPIC GAMES

19 – 22 August:                          EID UL-FITR

26 – 27 August:                        NOTTING HILL CARNIVAL

29 August – 9 September: PARALYMPIC GAMES

16 – 21 September:                  LONDON FASHION WEEK     

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