Ticket on Departure available for UK rail

Collect train tickets at the station

 JPT is now able to issue tickets on departure for collection at most railway stations throughout the UK.Any last minute train ticket or whenever requested can be set up for collection from self-ticket machines at the station of departure.

JPT will provide travellers with an electronic “Booking Confirmation” by email with the itinerary details and ticket collection procedures. Travellers should print and take their booking confirmation with them. Please note that a Debit or Credit card must be used in order to be able to enter the booking reference and retrieve their reservation. The machine will recognise that it is a pre-paid ticket from the reference number and confirm on screen that the card will not be charged.

Should the self-ticket machines be out-of-order travellers will be able to collect their pre-paid ticket at any staffed ticket counter by producing their printed confirmation.

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