Bahrain Travel Update

FCO advice on travel to Bahrain

We advise British nationals in Bahrain to maintain a high level of security awareness and to exercise caution, particularly in public places and on the roads, and avoid large crowds and demonstrations. The airport remains open and transiting through the airport is unaffected by this advice.

Our assessment remains that travel on the main routes on the island during daylight hours is orderly and has now returned to normal levels. Police checkpoints remain but have been reduced around the main highways. You should exercise caution in particular on any routes you use to get to these main routes, and consider carefully the situation in your local vicinity.

We have had no recently confirmed reports of serious security incidents, but the risk of outbreaks of violence is ongoing and the security situation remains uncertain.

The Government of Bahrain has imposed a curfew on the waterways around Bahrain between 18:00 and 04:00. You are strongly advised to respect the curfew.

Visitors must have legal status in Bahrain when they depart. You may be prevented from departing Bahrain if you are subject to a travel ban, involved in legal proceedings, have unpaid debt, or are a child subject to a custody dispute. Visitors can incur heavy fines if they overstay or fail to extend their legal residency.

Commercial flights continue operating to and from Bahrain and the airport remains open, including for transit flights. British nationals with confirmed flight bookings should make reservations and ticketing arrangements with their airline as usual. British nationals requiring advice on travel arrangements should call +44 20 7008 1500.

Some airlines have temporarily changed their schedules in light of the uncertain security situation. If you have a ticket with a commercial airline, you should check the latest flight arrangements with your airline before travelling to the airport. From 9 May onwards British Airways will resume to their usual schedule of direct flights back to London from Bahrain.

On 1 June, the Government of Bahrain lifted the state of National Safety and has begun the withdrawal of the Bahrain Defence Force has. The National Guard are maintaining a presence.

The British Embassy Bahrain is located in central Manama and is open for business. For enquiries on the situation in Bahrain please call the Embassy on 17574100 during working hours, 17574151 out of hours, or +44 (0) 20 7008 1500 in the UK. The normal working week is Sunday to Thursday, 07:30 – 14:30 local time; 04:30 – 11:30 GMT.

We recommend you register with the British Embassy in Manama via LOCATE. To do this visit – or ask family in the UK to do so for you. We will update messages on the Embassy’s Facebook page concerning known demonstrations and events. This can be accessed through the Facebook link on the website: Where the internet is working, we will also attempt to update those registered by e-mail.

For full advice please see

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