Egypt Travel Update

FCO advice on travel to Egypt

There are reports of a demonstration being held in Cairo on Friday 30 September.  This is likely to centre on Tahrir Square.  There may also be demonstrations held in other Egyptian cities. Some of the demonstrations have been violent. We advise that you follow the news on the television and radio closely, and stay away from demonstrations and large gatherings of people.

The discussions at the United Nations General Assembly regarding Palestinian issues have the potential to lead to demonstrations.  Groups in Egypt may hold large gatherings or demonstrations in response to developments at the UNGA. You should monitor local and international news broadcasts for updated information.

There were large scale violent disturbances outside the Israeli Embassy in the Giza district of Cairo on 9 and 10 September. Three people were killed and over 1,000 injured as a result of clashes between protestors and the authorities. The possibility remains of further demonstrations in this location.  British Nationals should avoid the immediate area around the Israeli Embassy in the Giza District of Cairo.

The trial of former President Mubarak which started on 3 August in the Police Academy in Katameya, Cairo resumed on 5 September. The area around the Police Academy is heavily policed and traffic can be very heavy. We recommend that you avoid the immediate vicinity of the Police Academy and exercise caution on the Ring Road passing in front of the building.

Between 25 January and 11 February there were major disturbances in Cairo and other locations across Egypt, including Alexandria, Suez, North Sinai, Rafah, the Delta region and some areas of Upper Egypt, including Luxor. Since 11 February, sporadic, and sometimes violent outbreaks, have occurred in a number of locations in Egypt including in Cairo, Alexandria and Suez. 

The situation across Egypt is unpredictable and events can develop quickly. We advise you to keep up to date with our travel advice, monitor the local media and stay in touch with your travel company if you have one.

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