Tunisia Travel Update

FCO advice on travel to Tunisia

Most visits to Tunisia are trouble free, but all travellers should be aware of the current political and security situation, restrictions imposed, and the impact of the unrest in neighbouring Libya.

A State of Emergency still exists in Tunisia and curfews or other temporary movement restrictions may be imposed or changed with little or no notice. You should observe instructions given by local security authorities and/or your tour operator. You are advised to carry a copy of your passport, or other form of photo ID, at all times as proof of nationality and identity.

Tunisia is no longer experiencing the widespread unrest that occurred during the “Jasmine Revolution” and public order is now maintained in most places including the main tourist coastal areas. However, political demonstrations and industrial protests still occur regularly and may include key public services, such as police and customs; this can cause serious disruption. While most demonstrations pass peacefully, and foreigners have not been targeted, we recommend that all British nationals in Tunisia avoid all forms of demonstration as there is a risk of incidental violence if you are caught up in a demonstration that does not pass peacefully. The centre of Tunis, in particular the Khasbah, Place du Governement and Avenue Bourgiba, and the centres of other large towns and cities, are the focus for most protests but demonstrations can happen anywhere at any time.

For full advice please see www.fco.gov.uk

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